Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sneakily Seductive Songs

We have a variety of cds like cat stevens, peter paul & mary, raffi, etc. that we listen to at school for the most part but then there a few random compilations that we put on and i don't care for at first but then slowly i start to like them and the songs are stuck in my head against my will for days at a time! here are a few of my current fave random selections..... ok the first one i never didn't like...

AND THEN here is one that we do not play at school ha but that i just also can't get out of my head ever since my long car ride up to massachusetts. oh i never actually wrote about that trip did i.... well my mother had to move out of the house i grew up in so i went up to see the place one last time and collect my things. i don't feel like writing much more about it right now but i rented a car and drove (yeeks!) and fell madly in love with sirius radio (particularly the bridge station) and with this song which was connnnstantly on :)

enjoy........ i know i am.......

Friday, March 16, 2012


hi, bloggerrr........... yet another disgustingly large amount of time has passed since my last entry. sorry.
anyways i forgot about you but i was talking to a friend last night and remembered that i, do indeed, have a blog! so i felt like using u today.
i looked at some pictures of another friend's trip to thailand and was instantly bit by the travel bug... this usually ends up with the planning of a trip which gets booked within the next week or so but this morning was different. if all goes as planned (go ahead and laugh, god) i will be done with my masters and certification by december of this year and ready to move to germany by january of 2013.... i have been back and forth over this in my head so many times but it occured to me last week that i will probably NEVER be fully ready for this move so i might as well just go when the opportunity presents itself and not plan to wait any longer than necessary. so... this is my declaration to the universe that i DO want to move in january. now if that actually happens or not isn't my decision but i will lay the groundwork.
soooo despite this infuriating desire to book a trip to spain i will sit on my hands, or better yet i will go get coffee and take a long walk around the beautiful city i live in today and let my travel bug pass.... because if i keep putting one foot in front of the other than it's a reality that i could (possibly) be living in germany at this time next year and satisfying my travel bug with a weekend trip to bruges..... i don't want to get my hopes up as i know that opportunities are limited in germany right now, but i can't help getting a little tiny bit excited...... life is so weird.
spanks for letting me share.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Massachusetts visit....

So I went to Massachusetts for the weekend... It started off rough but it turned out to be a wonderful visit :)..... I forgot my ID (yup) and had to go through hell with airport security but they let me on just in time and I made it up to Rhode Island after a thunderstorm delay bahhh........... My mother and one of my brothers picked me up at the airport and I went straight home and was fast asleep to the sound of crickets in like 7 seconds flat :)
The wedding was the next day... they got married on a beautiful hillside with cows roaming in the background heh it was so lovely. The reception was in a barn and it was picture perfect, as was the happy couple!
The wedding was fun and it was great to see all of my girlfriends from college. I miss them a lot!
The next day I got to see one of my best friends from high school and her new baby girl. I cannot believe she is a mother. She is one of the absolute most amazing women I have ever known and she will make a real good mom. Seeing her interact with her daughter blew my mind.... I knit a sweater for baby, Claire, but it's too big! I did that on purpose though because that way she is garunteed to fit into it one day heh....
The next morning I went to brunch with my mom and my brother, Steve, on the river and then we went to a farm to try and go raspberry picking. They were pretty much picked over so we got a few of the last good ones and then went and picked wild flowers instead. It was a wonderful morning and then I caught a plane back to Philadelphia in the evening after yet another rain delay (5 hours!)
All in all it was a great weekend.... a little emotionally charged as visiting family always is, but I couldn't have asked for a better couple of days in Massachusetts :)......
Sweet Dreams, Blogger...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Knits

Here is a pic of the fingerless mitts I just finished...... I really like the picot edging and they were a super fast project. I would like to add some lace detail to the body though next time I think...
Also, I bought these new blocking pins so I was finally able to block the scarf I made earlier this summer! I had made a similar one for myself last winter in taupe but I think the blocking really makes a difference. I tried to use them on the green shawl I made in Alaska too but the pins don't quite do the trick for such a large piece... I will need to get some blocking wires instead :( but here is a basic idea of the pattern... The maroon pic below is the scarf which I will sew closed into a cowl :)...
Today is the last day we take the kids to the pool YAY yippy summer is almost over heh this morning I can even smell fall (or maybe that's just rain but oh well)! Have a great day, blogger...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Zippered Cosmetics Bag

I had my new sewing class yesterday morning and I made this adorable little zippered pouch!!! The fabric is by Anna Maria Horner and I matched it up with a pretty pink lining :) This pattern was super easy to follow and as I was finishing up (I was the slow one in the class so everyone else had left) I made a new friend who had taken the course a few months back and said she had made SIXTEEN of them the following weekend! She promised me I would become addicted to creating all pouches of all shapes and sizes and I don't doubt her for a minute. I am already dreaming of a laminate one for traveling toiletries, one for my knitting needles, millions for gifts and so on and so forth....... I think I'm going to take one more class to learn a sturdier but similar pattern and then I will begin exploring creations on my own!
In other news, I had dinner at Maggie's parents house for the third weekend in a row :).... Maggie is working on a mural in the elevator they just had installed (their house is heaven hah) so I spent the afternoon knitting with her mother and poring over my new sewing books.... I finished a pair of fingerless mittens which I will post a picture of tomorrow... for now I just wanted to share my little bag :)..... finally got my camera back but the battery is dead heh....
Ok, bedtime for me.... some of my fave students are coming to camp this week so I want to be super energized tomorrow yippyyyy!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Sooo...... I signed up for sewing lessons before Alaska and I finally had my first course! I taught myself to knit when I was 15 and I went about it all wrong.... MUCH smarter to take a few lessons in a craft up front rather than blindly feeling my way into it. I am OBSESSED with sewing already.... I once heard someone say "I was never not coming here" about something else and that's how I feel about this... I always knew I would learn to sew, it was just a matter of when.... I love fabric and have pieces of quilting scraps that I started saving when I was little even though I had no idea what they were for... I have so much to learn and I know I can't do it all right now in this tiny apartment so these classes are perfect for now. I know someday though I will want my own sewing machine and a comfortable space to store all of my knitting, papercraft and sewing materials... When that day comes I will really be able to let my creativity flow heh... one of my favorite things to do is creep around online and in crafting books/mags at other peoples' craft spaces.... I can't wait till I have my own :) The first class I took was an introduction class explaining how to use the machine and then we made a basic bag. I LOVE the fabric I choose and I am completely stunned at how good the piece turned out hahah I have to say I really didn't expect it to turn out so nicely!!!! That's the other beauty of not teaching yourself.... you don't waste years worth of time, fabric and energy before you get to astound yourself with completed objects!!!!!! I immediately signed up for another class to learn how to make a small zippered cosmetic pouch. Please excuse the poor quality pics of the bag- I left my camera at work so these were taken with my phone.
I also just bought a bunch of sewing books which I cannot WAIT to receive! I hate shopping online because I have no patience to wait for things to arrive and I never know where my credit card is anyway but I had a gift certificate from one of my students to amazon so these books were pretty much free which makes them even better despite the wait ;).... the bag one isn't just bags though it's like all sorts of little pouches and such which i LOVE................ok now I'm going to go knit since that's a craft I can enjoy today even with no desk or space besides my cozy bed... sweet dreams, blogger.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Alaskan Adventure

What an amazing trip........ We got back awhile ago but it has taken me forever to adjust back to normal life... Traveling has such a strong effect on me! When I see so many new things my mind just expands and fills up and then I have a difficult time coming back to where I was before I left you know? It's like I have changed so much in such a tiny amount of time but like everything I left at home is right where I left it and it throws me entirely off balance.... But all is well now and I'm settled back into life after one of the most amazing trips of my life!I think part of the reason it took so long to settle was because the morning after I got home I had to start camp... so I was jetlagged and mentally exhausted but I didn't have a minute to relax before seeing the kids again in a whole new environment haha it was very overwhelming...
Anyway there are TONS more pics... Check out my Alaska #1 and Alaska #2 albums on Facebook to see them all.... I'm sure I'll have more to blog about the trip eventually but for now I'm beat! Miss ya lots, blogger...