Wednesday, May 20, 2009

helloooo worldddd

so i created this blog forever ago and then totally forgot how to get back to it.... hahah i have done this with oh a million other blogs and email accounts and such.... i get excited, start one, and then either forget about it or can't find it and never do it. well i felt like blogging (look at me, talkin tech) this morning and rather than writing in my journal or starting a new page for the umpteenth time i decided to track down this account and write a whole entry for once...
so hello world.
i will be blogging from now on! i doubt it will be regular, and i'm sure there will be spurts of entries and then nothing and back and forth (ha, like my journal). this has also been a deterrent from my blogging because i'm super insecure and am concerned what one might think if they read my inconsistant rantings but that's the beauty of the blog world, right? if someone doesn't like what i'm writing then they just won't read it... insecurity silenced.
sooooooo what enticed me to find this account? haha i have absolutely no idea now... i saw something on my way to work.... saw someone? i forget. oh this is gonna be fun :)

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