Thursday, June 18, 2009

Art Smarts

i hate surprises. i don't know why but i have nevvvvver enjoyed surprises the way you're supposed enjoy them! even just little things like i have a meeting tonight where we read a passage from a book and then discuss it- i alllllllways want to know what the topic is in advance. i get PISSED OFF if i forget to look ahead the week before and thank goodness i remembered this morning to check before i left for work or i woulda been wondering about it all day... then i met my friend kelley on my lunchbreak and we were talking about the meeting and i was gonna tell her the topic and she goes "NO! don't tell me i like to be surprised!" hahha i HATE to be surprised! i used to call my mom every day after school before sports practice to find out what she was making for dinner.... that may, in part, have been because i'm obsessed with food but really i think it was just that i don't like ANY sort of mystery down to what i am going to eat....what is wrong with me!!!!!
aaanyways the reason i bring this up is because i just received a package in the mail and it wasn't signed and i didn't recognize the return address..... i am FLIPPIN OUT! it's these beautiful art nouveau postcards and they are wrapped all carefully but with NO NOTE! nothing. they give me nothing to work with here and it is driving me biserk.... but they really are beautiful cards...
i know it has to be either one of my girlfriends from college or else maybe amanda because i haven't really told many people about my new fascination with art nouveau... it's an artistic style from like 1890-1910 or something... i would describe it as using earthy colors and lots of flowers and curly cues and shit but you can google it and get a much better idea than i could ever give hahaha. some girl told me about it- i stopped her to ask how she got the idea for a tattoo she had and she suggested i check out "art nouveau" so i looked at some books and, low and behold, i LOVE it.... there are paintings, jewelry, architecture- all encompassing this style.... i am trying to find pics online of paintings that i like but i am failing miserably... i wish i had a scanner i would scan these postcards! ok here i found a few pictures that i think show what i'm trying to say....

those are a few but even looking at them now i can't put into words my own description! ooooo you know what's weird... when i'm looking at all this stuff i think of peacocks... i think peacocks are like a living example of art nouveau, right? i dunno i clearly have NO artistic intelligence hahhahah well whatever, although i can't describe it i think IT perfectly describes ME, does that make sense? like all the dark purples and maroons and greens and stuff are my favorite colors and all the designs and artwork just make me feel happy. hahahah i really need to learn about art because i sound like a FOOL right now but basically i guess i'm just trying to say that i appreciate this style and it speaks to my soul hhaha.... so whomever sent these cards THANK YOU, they are beeeeeeautiful and you clearly know me well.... in fact you probably know me well enough that you KNEW this would drive me crazy........ ugh, touche friend, touche.......................

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  1. Ok, so the mystery postcard thing is creepy...I don't mean to freak you out but, it's very CSI. PS-I love the last piece of art-The Kiss by Klimt! I would love to have a print for my house one day! :)