Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crickets Sing and Fireflies Flash...

i can't sleep because i've got mosquito bites all over... i got up and checked for calamine lotion or benedryll but i have none and i'm furious but then, why would i have any? i have lived in the city for the past few summers and we don't have mosquitos in the city, right? no, apparently wrong hah....... so i'm sittin here trying to figure out when i could've been bit and i remember that friday night i was hanging out in the garden at st. mark's on 16th and locust.... they have a beautiful garden but along with flowers come BUGS.... buttt, on the upside, not only are there mosquitos there are also FIREFLIES! i couldn't believe it- i have never seen them in the city! though i guess it makes sense that there aren't any at the park, probably because there are so many people there, but if you go and sit on the bench outside of st. mark's they will come out for you!
i'm trying so hard not to scratch these damn bites and suddenly i'm nostalgic for the summers of my childhood. mosquitos remind me of evening ping pong games in the garage waiting for the sun to go down so we could start a serious game of flashlight tag... then i think of falling asleep to the song of the crickets outside my bedroom window. for all the shit i talk about growing up in pleasantville, it really made for some nice summer nights. now i want an orange posicle but i don't have any... without that or calamine lotion, all that can distract me from scratching is some chamomile tea and some 30 rock :)
good nighttttttttt....

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