Monday, June 8, 2009

Best Friends Forever and ever and ever...

every monday without fail at some point during the day i get the song "monday, monday" by the mamas and the papas stuck in my head ha... it's usually sometime during the morning but today it hits me in the evening which makes me smile.
aaanyway, another lovely weekend! my best friend from middle school, amanda, came to visit from new york... i haven't seen amanda in yearsss and was SO excited when i got an email from her recently asking if she could come to philly. i was really nervous to see her at first but she looks just the same and the awkwardness quickly melted away. we started off talking politely and tried to act our age over drinks at continental but soon we eased into our old friendship and i felt like i was back in 6th grade and we might as well have been huddled together whispering secrets on the school bus.... i had so much fun talking to her but it hurt a little that we have missed so much of each others' lives. amanda was my best friend and we were innnnseparable and somehow we lost each other in the midst of growing up but now here she is right back in front of me- an adult! it's a blessing to see her. sitting right here is the girl who i used to ride bikes with for hoursss and laugh over jokes that made sense to noone else... or sitting on the bridge on causeway street after school and take turns spitting into the river... god i remember the afternoons we wasted talking about nothing important and those were the conversations i treasure the most... that's the amanda i know, and i laugh looking at this 25 year old woman telling me about her HUSBAND and how they are saving to buy a house in brooklyn... buy a house? when did she turn into this beautiful woman? what happened to my skinny little amanda with scraped knees and purple glitter nail polish? where did the time go? how are we adults?
i can't help but feel a twinge of sadness but i quickly revert to gratitude and shoot up a prayer of thanks that we have reconnected at all which really is a miracle considering how people drift. we try to figure out why we fell out of touch in the first place but i think high school was a hard time for both of us and we'll never really understand what happened there. then we filled each other in on college and jobs and family and life and it was such an honest conversation i felt like we quickly carved away years of miscommunication and rekindled what was one of the most important friendships of my childhood.
her husband, andrew, is allergic to cats hehe so they stayed with a friend of his from college and we went over there for some drinks before dinner. i felt like i already knew andrew when i met him hah it was a little weird but wonderful and their friends could not have been kinder. then we headed over to mixto which is a little latin restaurant on 11th and pine. i have only eaten there once before but i LOVE that place. i used to live near there and everytime i went to the grocery store i passed that place and also mercato and i think those are my two favorite restarants to walk by... they have really pretty outdoor seating and lots of little lights and candles and the food always wafts out on the street and makes my groceries feel extra heavy haha... i have never eaten at mercato but i promise myself i will someday it's expensive but it just looks so beautiful!
anyway so dinner was deeeelicious and then they went out to some bars but i was tired from the day and really into the book i'm reading so i went home and read for a few hours before bed. sunday i met them at sabrina's in south philly which is another amazing little spot. i have never been there because you have to wait like 2 hours for a table and i have zero patience especially before i have my coffee but somehow we were seated after only a few minutes- i do not know HOW they pulled that off! anyway the decor is sort of country farm style which i loved but it had different touches like a mosaic mirror in the bathroom made of pieces of tea cups and curtains behind our table that were so beautiful they looked like they were quilted with blue and red and yellow material that contrasted perfectly with the soft green of the walls. if you ever go to sabrina's, THAT is the green i meant to paint my kitchen hahahh mine came out like more of a pea green.... i like it now, it works well, but at the time i was frustrated i meant for it to be lighter like that hah... the food was amazing and i love places with mismatched mugs i dunno why but that makes it a good brunch to me :) anyways then we just strolled through the italian market spent the day walking all over town... we went to love park and rittenhouse and then over to old city.
it was such a wonderful weekend and i am so grateful that she reached out to me. i always felt sad at having lost contact with her but was too shy to try and say so. anyways we obviously still have boatloads of catching up to do but it was a glorrrrious weekend of getting to know each other again and i thank god to have her back in my life.

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