Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Pieces of Pretty

I just had to share this i think it is absolutely beautiful... amanda and andrew's friend tiffany had it in her apartment and i couldn't stop staring at it the whole time we were there hahah... the whole apartment was adorable, from the space itself with it's original fireplace and built in shelving to the way she decorated it with simple yet unique pieces of furniture like this one... the best part is she got this at IKEA!!!! well she added the fabric herself, but the original piece was from ikea and i was shocked! it looks like a family heirloom or something she snagged at a flea market i never would have guessed ikea had something like this- the brushed yellow paint totally made me think it was an antique... granted the fabric is really what makes it so special but stillllllll....
And here is my little miss amanda herself :)

also here is a random picture of a door we passed in old city that i took with my phone hah i thought this was really pretty.... i wish there were some curtains or something but i can crop part of the window out or something before i put it in an album.

I took these pictures of flowers of flowers on my way to work last week... i took them with my phone so you can't get the depth in the first one but the one below is better. i got my new phone right after all the magnolias and cherry blossoms finished blooming which i am PISSEDDD about because i tried to take pics of them with my old phone but that camera sucked and now i have a good camera and magnolia season is over :( sigh...

see this one is prettier.... they were like super pale pink roses...

ok that's all the pretty i got for now :)

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