Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She's Crafty

this weekend was bussssy... ok first off friday night... i got another tattoo but i HATE IT! well i don't hate it.... but i hate the colors- it is NOT what we discussed hahah.... ok the guy who did it was amazing- he totally nailed what i had in mind in black and white and when i saw the outline on my back i was so excited but then he did the colors and i couldn't tell if i liked it when i saw the final piece but i always feel that way until it heals but now it's healing and the colors are NOT what i expected... ok so the design is a cluster of flowers (i know, so girly but whatever) and we agreed on an olive green vine with cranberry flowers and instead he did like a YELLOW vine and HOT PINK flowers, oh my gosh i cringe......
see i wanted colors like the ones on the girls jumpers in the pic below... This is, by the way, from Rachel Bone's website ( i found it when i was looking through her work- she was at the craft fair i will discuss below :)
anyways it is still healing and i can definitely have the colors adjusted and add some more designs around it so that i love it but for now, yicky... and the absolute worst type of buyer's remorse one can possibly have is a tattoo hahahah....
hahhah oh well i will just have to wait till it heals and then EDIT myself ha.
Anyways so then saturday i met up with my friends katie and renee for lunch and then went home and took a nap on my tummy because my back was bothering me.... getting the actual process done hurt like a bitch but i think i took it like a champ and then it didn't hurt at all (which i was surprised about) until i put the lotion on it saturday afternoon.... that stung like hell but it was fine once it dried and it only stung the first two or three times i applied the lotion. now it's fine. kinda like a sunburn.
anyways so then i met katie in the evening and we hiked over to south philly to hear a band called hooker mae play at connie's ric rac. i have never heard them before and had just met the lead singer last weekend and he wasn't sure how to describe the music and neither am i... it was like punk rockish but with a very southern influence and banjos and tamborines and stuff hah i really don't know how to describe the music besides just amaaazing and totally unique... it was unreal and the place was small so we were right up close and i left feeling all cultural and enlightened! i wanted to stay and hear the other bands too but we had to be back up in rittenhouse for something at 9 and then we just hung out in the park and then got some snackies at little pete's.
sunday i had a lazy morning and then met up with renee and checked out this craft bazaar in old city that was INCREDIBLE. it was all these artists who do jewelry and photography and pottery and all sorts of different work and it was sponsored by art star gallery in northern liberties which i have never been to but will certainly be frequenting now. it was so much fun and i had to be careful because i wanted to buy something at every single stand and finally i just had to take their etsy cards because i would've gone broke if i bought every piece i loved! i ended up getting a pair of earrings that were tiny little clocks and a tee shirt that looks like a tough punk graphic but says "knit and purl" which are the two main stitches for knitting.... the shirt made me laugh so hard i couldn't resist and i can't wait to wear it ha.
all in all it was a wonderful weekend and the weather has been so pleasant lately. i can feel summer coming on soon and i know i'll be bitching for a solid three months once the heat settles in, but for now i'm reveling in my spring fever and trying to spend every spare minute outside. my favorite thing to do lately is lie in the park on an old sheet and people watch... i want to say i read but really i just bring my book and read one page and then get distracted and end up watching everyone around me and make absolutely no headway in whatever i'm reading... buttt it's lovely even if i've still been on the same page for a month now :)
sigh, i love busy weekends, and even more, i love spring fever <3>

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