Friday, June 12, 2009


hahha aww i just had to post this pic i think he's sooooo darn CUTE! hah but somehow he finds the absolute most uncomfortable spots to nap... and you can tell i disturbed him trying to take this pic hahahh look how shocked he looks! his two other fave nap spots are on top of my hard wood dresser and on top of my hamper which is wicker... HOW is that comfortable?! and also i bought him and mav these two cozy little beds and they are right next to each other but instead mittens sleeps in maverick's with him ahhahha it looks so awkward all paws and tails stickin out all over the place and they're like folded into each other and both just stare up at me when i come home from work.... sigh... i am officially a 25 year old cat lady.
i am working on accepting and embracing this fact.

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