Monday, June 29, 2009

Rittenhouse in the Snow

It is so BRUTALLY HOT (i hate summer) that i am dreaming about winter already :) i found these pictures by Armond Scavo... you can find his photos on the walls of the tuscany cafe at 19th and locust. he is also at lots of the philly craft fairs- i met him at the one in manayunk. they have summer ones up right now but these are my fave winter ones... ahhh the park is so beautiful in the snow... i haaaate this heat...
see the little tiny goat statue on the right hand side of this pic? anytime i am in the park and meeting someone i ALWAYS end up near that goat somehow.... so if you're ever looking for me in the park i'm probably sitting right on this bench :)

That black onning on the left is gone now and replaced with the parc bistro... it's a steven starr restaurant. i've never been but it's really pretty. if you go straight down that street and turn right you will see my office :)
alright that's all for now... time to turn on the AC and dream about winter....

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