Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You'll Find It When You're Not Looking

i just got an email from a woman about a volunteer opportunity for the summer! i'm so excited... it is shockingly difficult to volunteer- i had no idea! i thought it would be easy to find stuff but the first time i got a long term commitment was through college so it was fast because since they were affiliated with merrimack i didn't need to be approved or anything... but finding a serious volunteer job on your own is fucking DIFFICULT! it's frustrating.... i looked for like 2 months in the fall and i fiiiiinally found a shelter at the church on 22nd and spruce that let me serve dinner every few weeks but they closed down for the summer. i should be able to get on the schedule there regularly now since they know me but that doesn't start again until like october or november so i was just doing nothing over the summer and then this lady's email came outta NOwhere! it's run by the same group that runs winter shelter so that's how she found me.
i'm not totally clear about how it works but from what i understand there is a farm out in the suburbs that delivers fresh organic veggies to the church and then people in the neighborhood buy them, and then IN TURN as a thank you for letting them sell through the church they donate tonsss of vegetables and we will distribute them to needy families. i won't get to do anything fun though because i can't get outta work till 5:30 so i will just be doing the clean up at the church but still it's something... plus it will build character because it will really just be about service as opposed to the winter shelter which is service too buttttttt i really only do it because it feels good :)
i am so excited to do winter shelter this season... i love the longer term stuff because you get to see the same people weekly and you build relationships and i feel like i'm more useful that way, but doing this kinda thing will be good too because i will literally just be helping out on the most basic level which will not be fun at all hahha BUT that's the part that will build character right?
anyways i'm just wicked excited because i had sooo much trouble finding something and now here is an opportunity just HANDED to me! yippee :)

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