Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Weekend

Oooo this has been a great weekend... Sam decided to give us friday off for the holiday yippeeee so thursday night i went out to see 'the hangover' which was very cute... friday i used the day to wander around town and shop for summer dresses for puerto rico and then had a lazy night watching movies and such.... yesterday me and renee went to michelle pressler's apartment to pick through jewelry... i met michelle (you can see her link to the right under 'favorites') two years ago at the craft fair in manyunk and i lovedddd her jewelry, specifically a gold bracelet with jade and bone beads... ahh i just looked at her blog and the necklace i bought yesterday is the one in the middle under the 6/23 posting! i must have good taste.... well anyways so yeah i met her but i didn't buy the bracelet i forget why but i emailed back in forth with her a few times and was able to go to a sale she had last year and buy some pieces. i was really excited to see her at the manyunk craft show last weekend (the picture at the top of the blog was a piece by one of the artists there i loved i'll put more details soon) but i wasn't able to talk to her then so she let me come over yesterday and i bought a beautiful pair of earrings, the necklace i mentioned earlier and she is making me the bracelet i saw the first time and sending it to me hopefully i get it in time to wear it on vaca!!! i'll put a pic up of that soon too.... it's really pretty... i love dainty jewelry but with special details... i looooove her stuff it's very intricate with little beads and pearls- def check out her site.
anywaysssss then we met up with katie and emily and went to the ice cream festival at penns landing which was awesomeeeeeee and i ate SO much ice cream... i consider myself an ice cream connoisseur hah seriously so this was like heaven for me.... buttt they were like little scoops so i didn't realize how much i was actually consuming and all of a sudden i had a wicked bad tummy ache and realized i had eaten like TWELVE scoops of ice cream hahhahahahhaha disgusting.... so i hadda go home and lie down cause i thought i was gonna hurl.... then i met up with katie and we hung out for awhile and then met a bunch of people to watch the fireworks up at the art museum. it was really nice- a quiet fourth but comfortable and i felt really good walking home.
today i am in a weird mood it feels like fall or something and i have that "back to school" anticipation you get in like middle school hahah.... i still get it every fall and apparently sometimes in the middle of summer :) i think i'm gonna bake some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and shnuggle up and watch a movie with mittens and mav....

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