Monday, July 27, 2009

Puerto Rico

oh my gosh i have so much catching up to do! i went too long without blogging and then i didn't feel like it ahah.... alright so i just got home from puerto ricooo. i didn't write about it before going i didn't wanna get too excited ha so i tried not to think about it until the very last minute.... but anyways this was my first vacation in a very, very, verrry long time... i have gone up to boston several times since moving to philly but i don't consider that a vacation because visiting family is emotionally DRAINING and besides it's never for more than a few days... this was a solid WEEK! i have not taken a whole week off of work since i started working for sam and i was shoooocked at how stressed i was to leave the office! i was leaving little notes everywhere for everyone as if they juuust couldn't survive without me there hahah but yeah it took a few days before i stopped worrying and started to relax... i went by myself and i have never gone on vacation alone so that was pretty neat. i choose puerto rico because i have been there several times so i felt safe and comfortable with the area even though i don't speak spanish... plus i was thinkin of other places to go and i was getting all overwhelmed because how can you reaaaally see somewhere new in just a week right? it's been so long since i traveled at all and i just wanted to relax and i never relax when there are too many new things to see hah..... the other options were greece, spain and portugal but those places were just too amazing to cover in one week.... also a pottery retreat in croatia but that wasn't till september and i wanted to go on vaca now because sam was going away too so i wouldn't miss as much at work.
anyways i love puerto rico. it is definitely one of my favorite places in the world. the water is warm and clear and the food is SO GOOD i seriously dream about it. once i tried to make tostones in college but that was a disaster and i just covered the kitchen with plantain mush but i am gonna try again soon ha i'm determined to learn how to make mofongo.... anyways i'll write a whole other posting on just the food next week ha....
so my second day there i went snorkeling and sailed to a little island called icacos, off the shore of fajardo. i don't usually snorkel because i always get water in that little pipe thing and get all annoyed but this time i really tried and i had so much fun. hhehehe this is afterwards:
another day i went hiking in el yunque which is the puerto rican rainforest. i love it there... there are trails that take you to these little natural pools and waterfalls that you can swim in. i remember when we studied all the types of environments in like 4th grade or something hha and i was obsessssssed with rainforests. i had mrs. harrington and she used to turn her classroom into a rainforest for like a month and i thought i was SO LUCKY to be in her class. she was also the teacher who set a desk on fire i forget why, but obviously she was the teacher you prayed to get hahah and i totally remembered that rainforest month while i was trekking through the dark footpaths feeling like jane of the jungle. puerto rico has these little teeny tiny frogs called "coqui." they are about the size of a finger tip and they're found all over the island. they're named after the sound they make at night which is similar to a cricket but sounds just like "coe KEY" ha.... i dunno it's pretty cool and it was magical how loud they were in the rainforest.....
anyways the rest of the time i was there i just explored historic old san juan which is beautifullll.... there is so much to do there. i especially loved wandering the streets at night. i felt like i was in another country and one night i went out to el moro which is an old fort that barricades the city from the water (here's a pic) and i swear it was so spiritual i just could hardly breath i was so filled with gratitude.
Here is a random picture of the little old houses... I spent most of my mornings and evenings wandering around old san juan and the streets were especially beautiful at night. there were little parks all over too with guys playing guitar and everything was so surreal like a dream. there are lots of pics on my facebook page of the parks, churchs, etc... I tried to capture the magic but i don't think i did it justice... that's one of those memories that pictures can't quite grasp...
Anyways so obviously overall the trip was wonderful but i am sooo glad to be home. i haven't realized how happy i've been here lately. it makes me think of a quote from juno hahah... "i never realize how much i like being home unless i've been somewhere really different for awhile." i love that... and while puerto rico was lovely and beautiful, i am happy here in my own bed with my kitty by my side and my familiar comforter that i didn't think i would miss. i like my life today.

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