Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcoooome Baaackkkk

ahhhhhhhhhh it's been way too long since i blogged..... i've thought about it several times over the past few months and def wanted to but i was so busy with everything and then i just felt like i had nothing important to write about and like if i was gonna make a comeback it needed to be something good hah but then i realized that probably no one is reading this anymore and certainly no one gives a shit what i write about on here in the first place :) SO fuck it, i'm back, and i'm going to make a sincere effort not to slack for so long ever again!
so i guess i sorta disappeared all summer..... this summer went well, i feel like it wasn't as hot as past summers and i was able to enjoy the weather much more than i usually do. we found a pool downtown, i bought a bike, went to lots of bbqs and craft fairs and i even managed to make it to the beach! only once, but still! as much fun as the summer can be i am SOOO glad that the winter is on it's way and that right now we are just on the cusp of my favorite season of all- fall :)
Ok so here are a few quick snapshots to sum up some of the finer moments of the summer:

Katie, Robin & I

Amanda & Andrew's Wedding in Cape Cod

Stevie picking tomatoes at my mom's house up in Massachusetts
Me and Steve kayaking around Medfield

Lauren & Mike's Wedding.... the BEAUTIFUL bride!
Lauren & Mike

J Tower girls at the Mead wedding

Double Fisting Ice Cream Cones ;) Me & My Brothers

Phew ok now i feel like i have at least somewhat accounted for where I was all summer :) aaaaaanyways so the past weekend was really, really, really busy which is actually what made me decide i wanted to start blogging again. even though i have nothing significant to share, i guess that coming on here and writing a little about what i do makes me feel more in control of my schedule because when so much is going on i start to get a little overwhelmed hah... i feel like i didn't sleep at all this weekend and i'm completely exhausted but i did so much in 2 days that i can't even remember where i was on friday night (and i was sober, so that's nuts). while i consider this a blessing, because a buzzing social life is not something i would dream of complaining about, i do feel a little drained and i think writing about the events will help me to feel more centered.
sooooooo...... let's delve back into the life of julie shall we.......friday i got outta work late and ran some errands before spending the evening with friends getting coffee and catching up and such.... friday night i went to bed relatively early.saturday katie and i did a 5k race to benefit two churches in south philly. it was lots of fun and i had my best time of the season so that felt really good. then we went to sabrinas and bingeeeeee feasted on brunch. i had my usual and she got this apple chedder omlet which was insanely delicious. it made me remember this thing i used to have all the time when i was little.... you slice a granny smith apple and put it on a toasted bagel and then put a slice of cheese on top and bake it for like 5 mins or something..... it's like heaven. i'm gonna have to remember that cause i wanna make it for breakfast this weekend..... after that we wandered around a flea market in south philly and went grocery shopping...then i went to my friend vasthi's baby shower. i have never been to a baby shower before and actually never spent much time with anyone who was pregnant hah so that was fun and i got to feel the baby kick and i could even SEE it kicking in her tummy it was nuts..... she is considering the names haley, abigail, cassandra and alexis... i hope she picks haley. i think i'm gonna love being pregnant. in 10th grade we had to do this project where i wore a pregnant belly and went to the mall to shop for prom dresses and my friends follwed to record peoples' reactions and i remember loving it haha and not wanting to take the belly off!!!!! my poor husband whoever he is.... i'm gonna want 25 kids so i can be pregnant all the time. plus that's like a totally excusable reason to eat ice cream 24 hours a day right? ;)sooooo then i went home and showered and tried to nap for a little while and then met up with sarah and got coffee and hung out with friends for a few hours. then we went over to a party in fishtown. it was amy's 25th bday and she wanted to have a costume party. me and katie and maggie and rachel didn't dress up buttttt pretty much everyone else did and they looked awesome. i was very jealous and am now definitely going to dress up for halloween :) i don't know what i'm gonna be yet.... i wanted to be this twister board:

but rachel pointed out that people will be try to put their hands on the dots hhahahahha and that's not gonna fly so i'm thinking maybe a lady bug with a similar outfit but i can make it myself with glitter and red felt.......anyways so then sunday was kyle's 30th bday and we went rollerskating which i have not EVER done believe it or not..... i went to plenty of roller rink parties in my day, don't get me wrong, but i always sported the rollerblades because i think they're way easier and so much cooler right? right. so this was my first time on rollerskates but i think i held my own pretty well. the double set of wheels is what throws me off and i had no balance but i didnt fall and actually no one else did either ha.

then we just went back to kyle's place and his family (who is amaaaaazing) made burgers and stuff and i ate so much food it was sinful...... plus the deserts were unreal there was this vanilla cake with strawberry mousse in the middle (but i think it was a layer of strawberry cheesecake but no one else thought so) that was so delicious i ate it even though i thought i was gonna burst.

thennnnnn i rode my bike up to meet reese and maggie and some other people for coffee and finished the night off that for me this was a very busy weekend and i was sooo grateful to get home sunday night and pass out.... plus the weather was nice and cold which is perfect for snoozin so i woke up today feeling amazing. alright that's all for now.... i'm exhausted and ready for another perfect night of sleep..... i love this weather :)

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