Friday, October 16, 2009

Psalm 62

tonight was a very quiet friday night.... i hung out with friends for the earlier part of the night and then just shnuggled with the kitties and watched movies.... i wish it would stop RAINING! and it's supposed to rain all weekend.... what a waste of a perfect fall weekend :(
anyways i wanted to write about my newest tattoo :) it's part of psalm 62 that says "my soul finds rest in god alone" but it's in italian so it says "la mia anima trova la calma in Dio solo." i love love loveeeee it- i think it's my favorite one so far.... i can't remember where i heard or read psalm 62 for the first time but i remember being moved by it. i used to only feel that absolute sense of serenity inside of a church but over the past year i have felt it at other times too... i actually feel it quite often but still never really to the extent that i feel it in church.... haha those organs start playing and i just wanna curl up in a ball under a pew and never leave...
that's wicked creepy, but whatever it's myyy creepy feeling and i like it and i think that line describes it in a way i could never think of myself.
anyways it's on my right shoulder blade on my back. kyle did it which was cool cause i was able to get it exaccctly how i wanted it and check it like a million times first ha.... anyways he did a few weeks ago so it's all healed up now but i don't have any pics....
anyways that's all i just wanted to write about it :)

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