Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play, today....

ahhhhhh sports season...... the world series is just around the corner and the city is buzzing with phillies fans eager for a second chance to be champions. then we have the "birds" fans anticipating an exciting season whether they're michael vick supporters or not. every year around this time i can't help but wish that i enjoyed sports and could be part of the citywide camarderie. try as i might though, i absolutely just do not care, and it makes me feel a very left out.

and don't get me wrong, this is not contempt prior to investigation because i have TRIED to get into sports mannny times! my family had season tickets to the red sox so i went to a couple games growing up and i did enjoy that, but i feel like that's different because you can't help but get sucked in by the ambiance when you're watching a game in person.... put me in front of a tv though, and i'll fall asleep before the 3rd inning.

actually i also enjoy watching hockey in person but that's only because of my brother. i think 70% of my weekends when i was little involved many hours spent being bored at hockey rinks and i guess when i ran out of other stuff to do i did start to watch and understand what was going on.... plus hockey is fast, so it's exciting. i think basketball is ok too although i would never choose to watch either sport on my own.

but football is the game that really gets to me.....i want so badly to like it because it seems like SO much fun with the fantasy drafts and game day parties, but i cannot for the life of me muster up any interest whatsoever in the actual sport part of it all hah even in person it just puts me to sleep....

i never really cared for PLAYING sports either.... the first time my parents signed me up for soccer i got in trouble for picking daisies and i remember my dad screaming at me when the coach went to put me in and found me on the swingset instead. hahha that may have been because i was probably 6 at the time but i didn't improve over the years. i remember quitting softball in 4th grade because i was scared i was gonna get hit in the head with a ball (which won't happen, i might point out, if you PAY ATTENTION) and in high school i played field hockey but i was awful and only did it because all my friends did.

by junior year i finally came to terms with the fact that i'm not athletic, but i took up running which i had always enjoyed and got pretty serious about that. sadly though, sometime during college running became something i tortured myself with because a) i only did it because i wanted to "get in shape" and b) i forgot how to pace myself..... that continued for the following years and though i ran pretty regularly it was NOT for fun hah..... i have only recently started to enjoy running again because i stopped trying to get it over with and instead re-learned to appreciate it for what it is- an opportunity to clear my mind that feels good as long as i'm not trying to sprint a marathon :)
anywayssss i guess the point of this entry is to justify (to myself) that just because i don't like sports doesn't mean i'm a loser. maybe i'm just not competitive? i don't know.... sam loves fishing and hunting and today he gave me a lecture about birds migratory patterns or something and finished it off by giving me a nice bottle of grizzly bear mace the size of my arm. i think that will sufficiently kill anyone who tries to rape me when i'm running.

it is so interesting to see how much he loves his game, although i'm not sure if fishing and hunting are really sports although technically i think they're for "sportsmen" so maybe.... but yeah, he was so excited about it that it made me want to play hahah and that's just how i feel about the phillies fans but i mean, once i got out on a boat and was actually fishing i think i would be as bored as i get after the 7th inning stretch. oh well different strokes for different folks i guess.... i don't get to like EVERYTHING ha... i should just be grateful to have rediscovered running. as for the rest of the sports excitement, i guess it's just not my cup of tea :(

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  1. ugh, i desperately want to like football, too. all the cool kids like football! :'( i've been trying for so long... maybe one day...