Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So Winter Shelter opened up for the season last night and tonight was my first night to serve :) Winter Shelter is the mens shelter that i volunteered at a few times last year, and now that they know me i was able to get on the schedule as a regular. last night i was the only one serving so it was a little hectic but there are only about 18 men staying there right now and they are all wicked nice so they helped me. i burned myself once hahha but what else is new! anyways i am just so full of gratitude to be on the schedule there this year. it feels so good to be useful and it's a reminder that even though my job is not in the field of social work i can still make a difference in a small way. i feel really blessed tonight :)
now i gotta put some neosporin on this fucking burn..... i'm telling you, i am the clumsiest person alive.... ahhaha i'm looking at my arms right now and there are like little knicks and cuts and shit all over as if i lead this wild life or build things or something..... but no, i have no legitimate reason for being such a mess hah....... oy vay, c'est la vie.
oh ps, the closet is still a warzone.... very little progress has been made but i did sort out a bunch of stuff for good will and got rid of about a million boxes i was saving "just in case i need to send someone something!"

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  1. OK so it is so awesome that you are a regular at the shelter now!! And I love your attitude of gratitude. I just caught up on your blog and I must say, I like it Julie, I like it alot. Keep writing :) Oh and I love the pics from NY and how you walked over the bridge have a pic with Manhatten in the background and your next line is "Other than that, I didn't do much' haha