Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloweenieeee oOoOoOoOo

oh my gosh i can't believe we are already halfway through fall!!!!!! i feel like i haven't had time to enjoy it.... time needs to slow down for me! i need a minute to appreciate the caramel apples and hot apple cider.....
anyways halloween snuck up out of nowhere and fell on a saturday this year which was sssplendid! friday night we went to a party at a bar in rittenhouse. it was a last minute decision so i didn't have a costume prepared so i just wore the kitten ears rachel had worn to work that day hahah but it turned out cute enough :)

There's molly as "Miss Behaving," a naughty school teacher, Stephanie as a vampire, me as a kitty and Rachel as a nascar chick hehhe.... and Molly won the "sexiest costume of the night" and scored a gift certificate!!!!!!!!

saturday i met up with katie and we wandered around town and got lunch and shopped. then i went home and baked my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (i'll post the recipe later) to bring to a party saturday night. the party was at gabriel's boyfriend, ted's house and was sooo much fun! i was a girlscout hah... i was VERY proud of my costume, although i can't take credit for the idea. someone suggested it, but all the "scout" costumes i could find were wicked slutty and i didn't wanna go that route so i had my brother send me his old boyscout sash and i got green knee highs and wore clogs and a brown dress and even though it wasn't a legit girl scout uniform i think it was pretty good!!!! i couldn't stay at the party too late though cause me and katie were doing the 10k sunday morning... Here is me and jenny saturday night:

And here's Rachel and Stephanie on Saturday:

sooo the 10k was goooood..... it was raining when we got there and when we left, but it stayed dry the whole time we ran. it was so much fun and i was happy with my time. the cool thing about this run is that it goes over the ben franklin bridge so the view is awesome and then you loop along the waterfront in camden. it was one of the best races i've done and i ran into my friend, and old roomie, marion who was running as well so that was exciting. afterwards i went back to bed for awhile and then molly came over and we knit and just relaxed for the evening.
all in all a lovely little halloween weekend :) this weekend i think i am going to new york to visit amanda but my plans aren't solid yet. i'll keep you updated, blogger. i'm sore from the race and plus i jacked up the time change hah so i got up at 4:30 yesterday..... so early to bed for me :)

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