Monday, November 23, 2009

Maggie Runs the Marathon

the philadelphia marathon was this weekend and maggie ran!!! i went to the boston marathon all the time growing up but i never really paid attention or knew anyone who was running so this was like a whole new world. i can NOT imagine running 26 miles.... she's been training for ages and i was so so so so proud of her.
anyways so sunday i got up around 7:15 and headed to stake out my first cheering spot.... i was supposed to be able to see her at all these different mile markers because she put my number in to be texted from the marathon people about her pace and where she would be and when but it didn't really work and the only one they predicted correctly was the 7 mile spot ha, but that's ok. i was wicked excited and i saw her run by at like 7:45 and screamed "maggie!!!!" and she screamed "matt!!!" and i screamed "no it's julie!" and then i realized that matt and kosher were there too like 5 feet away from me ahhaha but then she saw me too :)
then i met up with katie and alexis and we went to meet maggie's family at mile 24. we hung out there for are some pics....

This is along boathouse row... it was such a pretty walk.Kosher, Matt, Katie & AlexisHere she is at mile 24!!!!!
Kosher wearing Maggie's tin foil cape and medal... whatta hero.
Me and Maggie after the race...
she finished in 3:30:07 that qualifies her for boston and any other marathon she wants to do! it was such a fun day all around and the energy there was inspirational. i still have "chariots of fire" stuck in my head hahah dammit........ anyways after all of this i have decided i'm gonna try to do the half marathon here in april.... i really wanna do the full marathon next year but i know that's aiming big and i dont' wanna get my hopes up so i'll start with a half :)
anyways other than that my weekend was super relaxed…. Friday night I had dinner with friends and then went home and watched sopranos for awhile and put up some Christmas lights. saturday morning I went on a really really reaaaaaaally long walk with Rachel and we got breakfast at this cute little cafĂ© in south Philly called black and brew… I got a spinach bagel with humus and tomato- amaaazing… then we continued walking and hung around old city.
I spent the afternoon doing laundry and knitting and took a nap…. I did muster up the energy to go shopping for awhile Saturday evening with molly and then later on she and rachel and diana came over and we got take out food and played banagrams which is wicked dorky but I swear it’s the most addictive game ever... <--- check that shit out ;)
alright time for bed i think... it's weird- all of today felt like a wednesday since i have thursday and friday off for thanksgiving :) no case of the mondays here baby..............

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  1. Nice pics!! The one of us walking from behind, kind of looks like a Paparazzi shot. Maybe you are missing your calling lol. SO Nashville in April? Everybody's doing it!!