Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ohhhhhh Crap.

THIS is a beautiful closet..... i stole this image from the container store website... someday i will have a closet like this....... but not today :(
anyways so i was rushing to get dressed this morning and i found myself completely tangled up inside the my closet....... this is not a walk-in closet so that was an extremely awkward spot to find myself. i took a deep breath and tried not to curse as i slowly extracted my apendages from the hangers and stray belts.
OBVIOUSLY i need to clean out my closet.
ughhhhhhhhhh but i don't even know how to start...... here's the situation....
I live in a one bedroom apartment, and while I LOVE the apartment itself, the closet space has been a nightmare since I moved in 2 years ago. I have one tiny closet in my bedroom and one very large closet in the hallway... well actually the hallway closet is not so much large, as it is DEEP which is why i sometimes get stuck in there when i'm searching for something.
sooooo a few weeks ago i got sick of not being able to fit my clothes into the little closet so i decided to move them all into the hallway closet and move all my "junk" (wrapping paper and gift boxes, candles, cleaning supplies, shoes, scrapbooking material, and various other odds and ends) into the smaller closet. Here's a pic of the small closet... it's wicked messy but i don't care because i can slam the door.
so that solved the problem for like a minute but now the HALLWAY closet is an absolute mess too because i end up littering the floor when i'm thrashing about trying to find something to wear and then it ends up looking like this:
man............. i need help. i need to get ORGANIZED. i just spent like an hour sifting through "closet inspiration" on real and i swear, my case is hopeless....
oh well, now i am going to make some breakfast and put on a big pot of coffee and start picking through this terrifying mess of sweaters and blouses and jackets, oh my..........
i'll letchya know how it turns out.................. in the mean time here are a few more of my dream-closets.... the first two are from the container store... the third isn't so much a dream closet as something i want to consider for my small closet...... it's from Better Homes and Gardens website:

ok..... off to sift through the crapppppppppp that is my closets..............................

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