Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wild Work Week

phewwwwwww i haven't had a chance to blog in awhile! the week after halloween was suuuper busy work-wise so by the time i got home i did NOT feel like touching my computer.... it was good though, i love when we're wicked busy like that and sam closed on two new properties in north carolina so that was great!
anyways so then he took off to go pheasant hunting (yeah heh) and josephine went to nepal so i've had a solid week to play catch up and now things are all settled there, which means i am relaxed enough to come on here when i get home :)
sooo let's see, what have you missed.... well not a whole lot besides work hah. the weekend was exciting though- i went to visit amanda and andrew in brooklyn. saturday we went to a flea market and then stayed in and ordered indian food which was way too spicy but still yummy and we just relaxed. sunday amanda and i walked across the brooklyn bridge and then shopped in manhattan. i had so much fun... we make each other laugh so hard and it's weird because it really is like the 10 year lapse in friendship made no difference. sigh, i love her <3Above is amanda, andrew and i at the flea market and below is amanda and i on the brooklyn bridge.....
other than that though nothing exciting has been going on here. i ran on wednesday but i'm going to take it very easy for the next few months with running because, come on, who wants to go running when hot apple cider and pumpkin treats are in season? before i know it it's going to be thanksgiving and then it's time for egg nog and phew, that just puts an end to my physical fitness. oh well, it will give me the perfect new years resolution- get back in shape.
anyways that's all i've really got for now.... time for apple cider ;)


  1. I can just picture you and your glands eating hot indian food!