Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Snowman

I can't get the song from the movie "The Snowman" outta my head.... it's called "Walking in the Air" and it's really depressing but sooo beautiful. I was obbbbsessssed with this movie when i was little...... mostly because of the music, but the images are wonderful too :)
I was also obsessed with this christmas book:
All these little mice and chipmunks live in the trunk of this fir tree and they decorate it so that Santa won't miss them..... the pictures in this book are wonderful, at least i thought they were when i was a little kid and recently my mother sent me this book wrapped up in the mail and the pics are still magical to me... they make decorations out of berries and stuff and one of my favorite things to do when i was little was make popcorn strings that i wanted to hang on our tree but i always ended up eating like 80% of the popcorn so we always just had mini-popcorn-strings hah that i could string through the garland on the fireplace... i bet i could make a mean popcorn string this year but a) mav and mittens ruin all my christmas plans and b) i think i would attract REAL mice and real mice are not the same as little christmas-book mice.
anyway, sunday will be the second advent..... yayayay!

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