Sunday, December 20, 2009


Me & Papa having breakfast at Honey's in Northern Liberties
my father came to visit for the weekend and he brought a little new england weather with him (ok so he lives in china, but he's a new englander at heart, as am i)!
i fiiiinally got the snow i've been wishing for! it started during the night on friday and didn't let up until this morning!!! some parts of town got 23 inches!!!!! it was an amazing weekend and last night after i dropped my dad off at his hotel i wandered through the park and took all these lovely snapshots.....
the entrance to the park across from Barnes & Noble The little gazebo
People building a snowman next to one of the big Christmas trees
Another snowman :)
Our little goat <3Winter Wonderland...Metropolitan- my favorite bread shop looks so charming in snow!
Pine street outside my apartment
My front stoop...... YIKES
anyways so i had a wonderful time with my father... we went out to dinner on friday night and then out to breakfast on saturday and then to a flea market in northern liberties (an indoor flea market, clearly)..... we got lost walking there though (the snow threw me off) and spent a good long time wandering the streets like we were in alaska or something.... i wish we'd had some snow shoes or cross country skies.... philly does NOT have the proper equipment for plowing this much snow hehh.....
my father gave me these new boots for christmas, which make trekkin around town MUCH warmer.... i also got a nice cozy hat-
so then we relaxed saturday afternoon because we were supposed to see the nutcracker, but lo and behold, they cancelled the show! i was so disappointed but we had fun anyways, we went out to dinner at fogo de chao which is this delicious brazilian restaurant my fathers obsessed with. then i dropped him off at his hotel and went on my photography spree.... i hadn't planned on it, but i couldn't get a cab in that storm, and thank goodness because i wouldn't have gotten all those beautiful pictures!
then sunday we had bfast at dibruno brothers which is a little cafe a few blocks from my place and did some shopping and stuff and then we just hung out at my apartment for the rest of the afternoon and looked at pictures of china and talked and stuff.... i miss him already :(
Papa (neither of us is particularly creative with posing for pics heh)
molly and the rachels came over later last night to knit and that helped me to wrap up a perfect weekend... i just hope this snow lasts for a white christmas! i have a feeling it will ;)

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