Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Treats

yeeeeeees i'm so excited for christmassssss! tonight i started wrapping gifts and then i made chocolate bark for the office.... this is a super easy recipe that i make in variations every year.

Chocolate Bark:
-1 cup dark chocolate
-1 cup milk chocolate (you can use whatever you want, but i use half of each because the milk chocolate melts smoother)
- nuts, berries, whatever you like! (I use a mix from nuts-to-you that has different kinds of nuts, dried cranberries and raisins and white chocolate chips... other choices are crushed candy canes, heath bars, ummmm i dunno i love the nuts and berries, they're so pretty)
- line a pan with tin foil
- get your topping ready now because when the chocolate is hot you want to move quick!
- melt all the chocolate on medium-low heat, stirring the whole time- be careful- burnt chocolate is absolutely nastyyy
- when it's melted, pour it onto the pan and spread it around evenly
- sprinkle your topping
- place the pan in the fridge to cool
- once it's cooled, crack the chocolate off the pan hapharzardly into pieces
- Enjoy!!!!

so i made that and then wrapped bits of it in tinfoil and packaged it in cute little gift bags. i'm so excitedddddd! i love making this stuff and it means that christmas is right around the cornerrrr!
sooo for sam i got him these hebrew books about prayer and what is important about life because he always talks about taking classes from this rabbi but he never has the time.... for jo i got her a silk scarf but i'm not sure what else to get her yet.... it's ok though, 3 more days to brainstorm!
i wanted to share another great recipe.... i didn't have enough chocolate to make these tonight, but it's a brilliant thing to make along with the bark to bring to a party or something.
FYI...... if you like to make chocolate goodies, i HIGHLY reccomend you purchase silicone mini-muffin baking sheets..... the flexible silicone shape allows you to easily pop out the patties (or whatever you make) and they look smooth and fancy!
Mint Chocolate Patties:
- 1/2 cup of dark chocolate
- 1/2 cup of milk chocolate (or whatev)
- 1/2 cup of andes mint chocolate
- melt all the chocolate on medium-low heat
- once melted, fill each muffin-well with about 1/2 an inch of the mixture
- place the sheet in fridge to cool
- once cooled, pop each pattie out and enjoy!

I have made these patties with toffee, mint and peanut butter... the mint is my fave :) next time i make them (probably christmas eve) i want to try melting raspberry jam into them..... i'll letchya know how it turns out!
oh blogger, i love this season :)

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