Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree Farm

soooooooo the rest of the weekend was wonderful... jenny's gathering was so much fun, and we had so many cookies i got to take a bunch home which was actually a bad idea because i've been eating cookies around the clock ever since and i feel like a whale.
then sunday maggie and i drove out to her parents house in west chester for the 8k. it was BRUTAL- her dad said the course was flat, but i guess they changed it and let me tell you, it was rough.... there was one point when i was literally going so slow uphil that a person passed me WALKING but i didn't wanna walk because i knew i'd mentally lose steam if i did but holy lord it was SO FUCKING STEEP! and the downhills were wicked steep too!- it was paaaainful.... my legs feel like jelly today. i stretched again this morning but that didn't really help... i'm glad i didn't know about the the hills beforehand though because i woulda gone into it with much less motivation i think hahah.... anyways i thought i was going to get a wicked bad time because of the terrain, but even with all the ups and downs i got exactly the time i expected!!! i had hoped to get better before the race started, but given the course i was really, really proud of myself :) maggie did great too obviously, and now shes trying to convince me to do a half marathon with her in march that is wicked hilly.... at first i said no way but then i thought about it and if i do hill-training and then do that race in march, then by the next half marathon i will whoop ass and cut my time off by a ton..... so i'm on the fence but i think i'll probably do it.
sooo we went out for a big lunch after that and then went to this christmas tree farm that i guess they go to every year and i got to help them pick out a christmas tree!!!! i have never seen anyone cut a tree themself so that was sooooo much fun. well actually that's a lie- my friend adam and i cut down a tree once in college for my apartment but it was a teeny little charlie brown style one so that didn't count.... although it was adorable :)
anyways so then we drove around a little afterwards and looked at pretty houses and it was just a feel good evening... it was also really cool to see where maggie grew up- it was pretty and her parents are sooo wonderful!
Me & Maggie
Choosing the tree!
Mr. Maggie loading up the winner :)
so then maggie and i got back to the city around 6:30 and she dropped me off at the grocery store and then i went home and did some laundry and made a yummy dinner of pasta with olive oil and salami, mozzerella, tomato and red pepper flakes......
then i saw her again later last night and she gave me a little snowglobe of a snowman dragging a christmas tree hah it's wicked cute.... my first christmas-tree-farm experience was a success! i put the snowglobe next to my mistletoe candles heh....i think she's getting a tree for her place too. i wish i could have one but i know mittens (not so much maverick- he's a wimp) would try to swing from the branches and it would be a disaster..... i might get a little wreath for outside my apartment door though just for the scent....
this is my absolute favorite time of year.... i do wish i had a boyfriend to share it with but i guess that's just not in god's cards for me lately and that's fine. i rarely complain about being single and i rarely mind it but man, that mistletoe comes out and i can't help but want a lovahhhhh!!!!! it's ok though, i'm blessed with amazing friends to share the season with and i'm sure i'll meet someone when god thinks i'm ready ;)

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