Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Closet Updateee

SOOOO as i'm sure you remember, my closet has been a source of stress for the past oh, 2 years..... i blogged about cleaning it but never posted the "after" pics and i'm sure you're all dyingggg to see how it turned out ;)
First here is the small closet which is in my bedroom.... basically i shoved all of my bags and purses on the shelf at the top, hung everything that can be hung in a small space (no suits/dresses/coats) and then folded sweaters, etc. on the shelves at the bottom. then i hung a shoe rack on the door but instead of shoes i filled it with tights and stockings and camis, etc.
Small Closet- Before Pic:

Small Closet- After Pic:

Now the larger closet was more difficult because i wanted to put more than just clothes in there..... so what i did was i put two shelves in the bottom and used those to store cleaning supplies, candles, scrapbooking materials, etc... then i hung all my suits/dresses/coats on half of the rail space, and then used the other part of the rail space to hang a shelving thingy and used that to separate sweaters and shit.
Large Closet- Before Pic #1:

Large Closet- After Pic #1:

Then I used the top part of the closet to store more non-clothing items, and hung a hook thingy on the door for all of my belts...

Large Closet- Before Pic #2: Large Closet- After Pic #2...

Door for belt space:

All in all it worked out pretty well..... i would still like more room for the longer hanging stuff because i love my dresses, but hey, it gives me something to dream about :)
i also was able to discard a LOT of bags of clothing and purses and shit.... i'm gonna let my friends pick through that stuff and then i'll give the rest to good will.

i think i made some serious progress :)..... hopefully i don't get tangled up again anytime soon!xoxox

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