Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gobble Gobble Gobble

ok ok ok i need to catch uppppp.......... phew what a long week since i last wrote!
ok so to briefly recap....
wednesday i got out of work early and baked all afternoon and cleaned my apartment and blasted christmas music of course.... then i went out for pie at night with some friends because i was caraaaaaaaaving it wicked bad and that totally put me in the holiday mood. they put up the lights in rittenhouse square that day too so it looked beautiful. not as good as last year though, i think they put more of the lights in the middle than on the outskirts but it still looks magical enough haha...
thursday i spent thanksgiving with friends. i missed my family a lot but for personal reasons i decided it was better for me to do thanksgiving on my own this year. i did talk to my mother though and that was really nice and i talked to one of my brothers, steve, and he sounded great :)
my father lives in china so our timing was shot but we played phone tag so that was good at least. i think he is going to visit for a weekend this month which should be interesting and i'm pretty excited about that.
(I took this pic on my way to work the other day.... It finally looks like fall! i feel like it's been so rainy we missed all the leaves!)
anyways so then friday i shopped- black friday style... my fave ;) then that night i just hung out with friends. saturday i pretty much did the same and then sunday i slept in super late and spent the whole day knitting and being lazy. i did run though in the evening.... oh yeah i know i said i wasn't going to run until the new year but shockingly i really, really, really missed it! so i ran saturday and sunday and maggie caught me on the path along the shuylkill river which made my day and she convinced me to run a race with her this weekend in west chester. it's an 8k which i think is my idealllll race distance hah.... the 10k was physically perfect but i got kinda bored near the end so i think the 8k will be perfect.
so that pretty much wraps up my holiday weekend! the holidays always make me a little nostalgic for something that never was... that may not make sense to most of you who read this but i know some of you do understand. anyways so i was a little down on thursday and friday but by saturday i was back to my normal routine and full of gratitude. life is good, my friends :)

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