Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Ok so maybe it's not snowing.... but it's COLD and it FEELS like christmas! only one week to go!!!!!!!! the city may not be covered in snow, but the pics below are accurate (i didn't take them, you can click on them to get to the artists page):
This one is the northwest corner of the park and that's holy trinity church in the background :).... one of the pleasures of living downtown is that you really feel the holiday buzz, especially at night.... i always want them to keep the lights up forever!
I have to get my dad something for christmas.... my mom was easy- she loves these plates but they are discontinued so i ordered her a boatload of them on ebay.... i had them delivered to her house, and i'm praying my brother sees the package before she does and can hide it in time.

i don't know what to get my father and brothers.... men are so hard to shop for dammit. well my dad is easy cause he loves everything, but i want something thoughtful you know? he just got a dog, so i might get him a cute little dog collar and leash or something..... he's coming to visit this weekend so i'm sure i'll find something else while he's here.
oh for one of my brothers i'm going to knit him a hat..... i knit him one last year hahha but i had no idea WHAT i was doing so it was like a baby sized one.... he actually wears it though, he stretched it out somehow so it fits him (really really tightly) hahh....... but i'll make him a legitimate nice one this year :)
the other brother is tough........... maybe a phillies cap? i could knit him a hat too but i don't think i've actually ever seen him wear a knit hat hah.... we'll see.
then i have to get gifts for sam and jo and stuff for friends.... i'm so bad at gift giving! i always want to think of the most thoughtful, creative, special gift and then BAM it's christmas and i haven't accomplished a thing! oh fuck i haven't even done christmas cards..... everyday i swear i'm gonna do them tomorrow and now i have one week! ok ok ok i'll start them now.......

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