Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jack Frost, Take Me Away!

just some musings from a crazy snow-sick mind.....

so i grew up in new england, and my whole life winter has been my favorite season.....
i do love fall, but there's something more magical about winter because of the snow. in fact, i think a majority of the reason i love fall so much is that to me, it's just preparation for winter- warm flavors and wool sweaters all in anticipation of the stormy season ahead. plus of course there are the holidays which i looooove.... but mainly it's the snow.

today i am a little depressed because the holidays are almost over (new years hasn't hit yet!) and i don't want to let go just yet. when i was little i would get soooo sad on december 26th because all of that holiday magic would slip away, but really, it's just christmas that's over, not winter..... i needed to remind myself that the "magic" is something inside of me and it can last as long as i want it to. winter is my favorite season because of the snow and the coziness, not because of the religious celebrations.

buttttttt it's harder to hold onto that magic in a place like philly that doesn't get as much snow.... i was talking to my friend carole last night and trying to figure out why i was feeling a little lackluster about the season but she pointed out to me that winter in new england is completely different than it is here, and i guess i hadn't really realized that. it's true though. we just had this major blizzard here, but that's the first time that's happened in the three years i've been here and i didn't realize how much i missed that kind of weather! the storm ignited the "new england" part of my soul and i just need to vent about it a little.... i mean we do get snow here but it's so rare and it never builds up.....

i miss having storms like that one every single week.... i miss not seeing anything but white on the ground for 3 whole months (ok theres slush and the snow gets dirty but still).... i miss the feeling of driving so slow because you can hardly see ahead of you and having to concentrate super hard because the snowflakes look so damn beautiful in the highbeams at night.

i miss country roads... to get to my parents house you have to drive down this loooong road called granite street and that's what i think of when i hear the phrase “winter wonderland.” There are houses on granite street, but they’re all nestled among thick trees, heavy with snow and they just look like cozy little caves.

i miss ice skating.... on ponds, not on the river rink at penns landing with a bunch of other people- that's not fun! i miss the pond at the cemetary and kingsbury pond. i miss shuffling around by myself while my brother played hockey with his friends. i miss snow pants.
i miss building igloos tall enough to stand up in, and having them stay for weeks at a time. i miss pretending to shovel our driveway, but really making snow angels and eating snowballs while my brother actually shoveled for hours.... i miss spending the evening snoozing next to the fireplace and listening to my brother explain jumps he would build at hospital hill if we got to go sledding in the morning.

i miss snow days every other week, and even in college i miss hiking to class in 4 feet of snow or skipping and sitting in the caf sipping hot chocolate and making plans of how to stock up on enough food and booze to get through the weekend without leaving our apartments.

winter is just different in new england than it is here..... that storm we just had, that was amazing, but i want to have that all winter long! i love snow...... i guess i'm just realizing that i'm not feeling lackluster about winter at all, i'm just feeling lackluster about PHILADELPHIA winter, and someday i will need to live in a place like new england or chicago so that the snow-queen inside of me can be fully satisfied each year :)

this year though, i will pray for more snow, and if we only get a few big storms than i will learn to be happy with that and i will muster up enough snow-spirit to enjoy my philly winters. i will bury myself in snow poems by robert frost and emily dickinson and i will knit thick scarves to keep me warm in the freezing philly wind.
i love this city, i just wish it snowed all the time :(
save me, jack frost!

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  1. Geez Julie, Your prayers worked. I woke up this morning and not only was it snowing..It was sticking!!! Hope you get to have a glorious New Year because of the snow, and PS we still have to run 5K at midnigh; snow or not...Yeah thanks for that lol jk.