Sunday, January 31, 2010

Game Night

soooo this weekend was nice and quiet. friday night i did my usual routine and then watched some episodes of my so-called life before bed.... saturday i ran errands and went running and then i had a few people over for a game night.
i have no board games other than Bananagrams (which is AWESOME) so mike brought this game called Apples to Apples which i had never played and it was awesomeeee. i laughed non-stop but the only downside is that i like really fast games hah like where you race against a clock or something and this was definitely not like that. those games are better though for smaller groups anyways i think... but next time i wanna play scattegories or pictionary or something.
it was snowing saturday night and after everyone else left me and katie watched tv and then she crashed on the couch and we met up with liz and sarah for brunch this morning. i didnt' do much else today besides watch "my so-called life" and knit and snuggle with maverick and mittens. all in all it was a perfect weekend.
OH fyi, it's girl scout cookie time WOOHOOOOOOOO! edy's makes a limited edition thin mint ice cream that i found last year and went through like a bajillion gallons in a week:
it is soooooo good... one of the best ice creams i ever had and i LOVE ice cream :)..... so far all i have found this year is the low fat version which is vanilla-based instead of chocolate-based and is ehhhhh ok but nowhere near as good as the original..... if you see the chocolate kind anywhere TELL ME.............
ok that's all for now.... time for a thin mint ice cream brownie sundae and some more "my so-called life" mmmmm......

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