Sunday, January 3, 2010

Haaaaaaaaappy New Year!

sooooo it's 2010!!!! here's how i spent the end of 2009 and the start of a new decade.....
thursday i got out of work at noon and met up with rachel to do some shopping.... then i went home and cleaned this dump and then baked some cookies and relaxed and knit all afternoon. thursday night kyle had a party so i went over there until like 11:00ish and then a few of us headed over to boathouse row to do the midnight 5k..... i do not know WHYYY i agreed to do that hhaha it was freezing and rainy and yucky but once we started running i was glad and actually it turned out to be a lot of fun- plus it was beautiful to run along the river at night.... maggie placed 4th but i think her dress was #1 babayyy!..... then we met up with matt afterwards (it felt weird that he was at a race without kosher ha) and we all just walked home.... it was probably the best new years i've had since like 6th grade :) friday i went to the mummers parade with rachel and liz and some of rachel's jersey friends met up with us there. it was a little overwhelming with soooo many wasted people but it was fun and we cheered in the new year nicely. then we went to 5 guys for burgahs and then i went home and relaxed. saturday i met up with amanda for brunch. she and andrew were in town so i met them and some of their friends at marathon..... i LOVE their racheros-something-something- i do not eat there enough and it's like 2 blocks from my apartment..... new years resolution: consume more racheros-whatever-it's-called.....
soooooooo the rest of the weekend was pretty lazy.... basically it was a cozy rotation of movies, cooking, knitting, baking and napping........ oh and i discovered comedy central on demand so i watched all their specials.... i am now obsessed with stand up comedians :)
Knitting Updates........
i made my first hats this weekend! i made a dark green one for my brother and then i made this one for carole (it's more cranberry than red- this pic is not quite acurate)
then i started making a cowl neck scarf for myself out of this beautiful soft taupe colored yarn... i'll post a pic when it's done though because it looks really weird right now as i'm knitting it on circular needles. this is the yarn (it looks a little darker here.... it's beautiful though):that's all for now folks ;)

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