Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My First Mitten!!!!!!!!

tadaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! ok so it's totally gigantic and i messed up the thumb big time but stilllllllllll isn't it beeeeeautiful!!!!!!! it's so big i'm not even gonna bother making a second one hahah but i'm so proud of my first mittten :) this has been a quiet weekend.... friday night i went to a party for a little while and then last night i did nothing. comcast has been in and out all weekend because when they went to hook me up they discovered there was a big problem with the cable box for our building or something i dont know i didn't really pay attention. so yeah thennnnn i did nothing last night and then katie came over with coffee and breakfast this morning and we watched some tv and chatted and i started my mitten and i just finished it now :) hoorahhhh!
i want to do something like these next.... the only problem is those are knit with double pointed needles and i don't know how to do that yet.... i do have a 2-needle pattern for something similar but the cuff is different so i think i'm gonna make up my own pattern enmeshing the two..... we'll see how this turns out hahah.... and i'll post a better pic next time.... i took the one of my mitten from here in bed with my phone and i'm beat and i don't wanna get up and get the camera sooo sowwwwy! but you get the idea ;)


  1. Thanks for the link! :) You can also use the "magic loop" method to knit all mittens, then you don't have to use dpn's ;)

  2. Thanks for the link! :) You can use the magic loop method to knit mittens, it doesn't require dp's ;)

  3. Ooooo awesome!!! I haven't learned magic loop method either yet hah... i think i'm gonna take a class on it next week though so your beautiful mittens will be my first project:) i looove them and the color is brilliant as well!