Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whatchya Readin' (the knitting segment)

soooooo i have always been verrry jealous of girls who learned how to knit from their grandmother when they were little.... i learned from a book that i got at the library in high school and i didn't learn properly so i have been hesitant to trust knitting books ever since. granted i was stoned at the time, so there's a possibility that it's my fault i learned wrong, and not the books fault..... but i swearrrrr i did exactly what they said to in the book so i don't know....
anyways recently i have been hearing amazing things about the "Stitch 'n Bitch" series as a guide to learning to knit, but i refused to read them because i was still huffy from my previous experience but then molly got the first book and said it was great and then rachel got it too and left it at my place..... after she left i wanted to look at a pattern in there and once i picked it up and started flipping through the pages my resentment melted away and i was hooked! i ended up reading the entire thing cover to cover that night and i LOVED it! i still don't think i could learn something only from a book (i need someone to verify that i'm not doing crazy julie-stiches again) but i do think you can learn a LOT!
plus i loved the author- she is spectacular. it is written soooo well- it's funny and enjoyable to read at the same time as being super instructional (instructive?). the illustrations are accurate and she covers everything that a new knitter would need to know. way to go, debbie stoller! i went out and bought her second book asap.
the second book covers all the math that is involved in adjusting patterns and how to decipher yarn tags and more technical stuff. both books also come with lots of basic patterns. i don't like most of them (they're very "trendy" and not my style) but thanks to the instructions on adjustments i can tweak them and make stuff that suits my taste! ahhhhh yay :)
I also bought this book.... i have yet to use it, but the lady at the yarn store told me it was a god send.... i'm waiting to need it hah but it does look pretty good- it's basically every knitting question anyones ever had and the possible answers to them. it looks like a knitting encyclopedia and though i haven't actually utilized it i do not regret the purchase. i do believe it will save me someday.
finally this is one i picked myself.... it has basic instructions for lots of stuff like circular needles and knitting in the round and cable.... then it's just a whole ton of patterns. this has been the most useful to me so far because the illustrations are the most specific of all the books. i am a visual learner i guess or something i dunno. plus i love it because it has sooooo many pretty patterns. i have a feeling i'll use this book for years to come- the patterns are for all different skill levels.
so far that is my library of knitting literature :) reccomendations are always welcome!!!

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