Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Busy Bee

Phewwwwwwwwww LONG DAY today. i am feeling a little out of sorts so hopefully blogging will reign me back to sanity :)
so i joined a gym last week.... i looooove all the snow we are getting but i can't run outside because i'm scared i'm gonna fall on the ice hah and i have wicked bad cabin fever from not exercising so i finally manned up and joined a gym..... sarah joined too and katie might join now too! i hope she does.... she came with me tonight to try it out and she's gonna come tomorrow too. i love gym buddies.
anyways so tonight i had winter shelter and katie came there with me too..... i was complaining because i have an hour before the men get there and it's just me and this one other guy setting up and i don't love making small talk with him so katie offered to come and it was sooooo much better :) she's gonna come with me again next week so i'm pumped about that.
anyways so then we went to the gym and i just got home and showered and stuff and i feel like i did way more than i really did haha..... i guess i'm not as busy as i feel........ hmm really its just that my apartment is messy and i'm too tired to clean and when my apartment is messy i feel flustered...... plus i have sooo much laundry to do and i haven't been home long enough to do it. i really wasted this weekend, that's what it is haha. oh well......... ok, so tomorrow night, i should be home and showered by 9:30 and then i'll have plenty of time to organize.... i'll save laundry for the weekend but at least i can get my apartment ready to be cleaned... every few weeks this woman comes and cleans my apartment for me and she is coming on thursday so i don't even really have to do any actual cleaning but even just the organizing is feeling overwhelming to me!!! maybe i should start doing nothing on thursday nights.... that can be my laundry/relax night.... ok now i have a game plan.....
baby steps make me feel much better :)
thanks for listening, blogger.

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