Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So my father has been living over in china for awhile. he's opening a branch of his company in denang village so he is there while they build the factory (don't worry- no sweatshops or anything) and he invited me to visit him!!! i cleared it with sam and i haven't settled the dates yet but the trip will be taking place sometime in march.....
i am so excited but as usual, my travel bug is OVERWHELMING! i want to see so many things and i don't know where to start haha.... to make things worse (or really better, but i'm crazy) he suggested we maybe go to vietnam or thailand as well and so now i am at that stage where i start to get so excited that it turns into anxiety that i'm going to miss something and maybe i should just not go at all haha..... ahhh calm down, julie...... i guess what i will do is set a few simple goals and let my dad handle the rest.
goal #1: walk the great wall of china
goal #2: see a panda bear
goal #3: visit a temple or something spiritual like that
goal #4: see some gardens or rivers or something (i associate china with lotus blossoms... is that japan? am i making this up?)
goal #5: visit a market and find some chinese silk, ceramics, etc.
ok i already feel much more calm........... tomorrow on my lunch break i will go to barnes and noble and hit up my beloved travel section... i'll take a look at vietnam and thailand but if i start to get too overwhelmed i will just take a deep breath and remind myself that this is an incredible opportunity, not something meant to stress me out hahh.......
yes, i realize i am crazy.
time to spend some time with god before bed............ thanks for listening, blogger.

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