Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, my lovebugsssssss!!!!!!!!!!! ugh i do not like v-day this year :( i loooooove it when I'm seeing someone but when i'm single it's soooo depressing.... if i see one more man carrying roses and chocolates i am going to push him into the snow and steal the flowers. seriously.
sooo anyways friday i had a lowkey night... it was suggested that i check out the show "the wire" so i watched the first episode of that and then went to bed early. saturday i went to the gym and ran some errands and then i met up with rachel. she wanted to make jewelry at this store but we weren't feeling it once we got there so we just went to the art supplies store on 21st and chestnut and wandered around.... i bought some acrylic paints and brushes and paper and she bought charcoal and a sketchpad and some colored chalk things and then we just went back to my place and tried to be "creative." hahah it didn't work out too well.... i painted a tree trunk but then couldn't figure out how to add leaves so that was just depressing and she painted a babyhead but the body was all fucked up so she just smudged it and it looked like someone blew it up hahah. she did do some nice drawings too though and overall it was fun, even though i didn't make anything pretty. now i'm excited to do more painting though- i see some still-lifes in my near future!!!
anyways then we went and met up with our friend tony for dinner and then spent some time with other friends and then a few of us went out to marathon and then i just went home and watched another episode of the wire and finished my "tree."
today i did absolutely nothing the entire day but sit on the couch and watch the wire. i literally didn't change out of my pjs until like 6 which was super depressing and in honor of vday i ate nothing but cheese puffs and rocky road ice cream :(
i did finish these nice cozy slippers though! i lost my camera (i didn't lose it, i just can't find it but it's def somewhere around here) so my pics are gonna be sloppy for awhile- sorry.
anyways they were super easy which was great because i could mindlessly knit while i watched tv all day. here's the pattern if you're interested. I stopped garter stitch a few inches early though because i wanted my ribbing to be longer... i blended an avacado green yarn, light teal and dark teal... the pattern called for 2 yarns but i wanted them to be a little chunkier so my feet stay extra warm so i used 3 yarns instead heheh :)
i am in looooooooooove with "The Wire" by the way.... excellent reccomendation, thank you mike. howeverrrrr, hahaha, i do NOT reccommend watching 8 episodes straight.... it's all about drugs and life in the projects and the corruption in the legal system of american cities and by the end of the day i was afraid i was gonna get jumped when i left my apartment hahah..... also, watching people shoot up for 8 hours is a bit much for me and i was feeling a little crazy by 8:00 tonight haha. but i'm ok now :) thank you, god.
alright i'm gonna shnuggle up with my new slippers and read a little before bed.... good riddens, vday- see you next year.........

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