Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SnOw DaY!

soooooo we had a MAJOR blizzard last night and today.... i went into work this morning because i walk so i didn't have to rely on transportation but the office was so dead we closed early.... basically the whole city is shut down!!! it's so pretty outside- the snowflakes are hugeeeee and haven't stopped all day... i have done absolutely nothing but watch movies and knit, and having such a large block of time to knit allowed me to attempt my first pair of socks!!!!! socks have been like a dream of mine but i'm so intimidated by the toe and the heel..... HOWEVER, look!!!! i did my very first toe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i just have to learn to the heel which i'm super nervous about but i'll manage hah........ i used this amazing yarn that patterns itself as you knit and the colors are vibrant and beautiful......
okeeee back to netflix......

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