Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Bluesss

this weekend FLEW right by me.... i hate when that happens.... it leaves me feeling bummed on sunday....
here's a recap:
friday night i didn't do much.
i had to get up early saturday for a class for work and then i just ran some errands and went home and knit and watched some movies.... i watched "confessions of a shopoholic", which i thought might be dumb but i actually loved it! then i watched "the secret life of bees" which was really really good... i didn't finish the book, i got bored with it hahah, but the movie was excellent. i really like dakota fanning, she's a sweetie.
saturday night i went to stephanie's with rachel and we watched yet another movie, "funny people", which i did not care for. it was good until like halfway through... i don't want to spoil anything but he gets some information and then the movie is downhill from there it's just kinda boring and nothingness..... up until that point i was loving it though- and even in the boringness there are some funny parts. i think if you haven't seen knocked-up or spanglish you might appreciate it more, but i lovedddd those two movies so much and this one just fell short for me. anyways i def wouldn't watch it again. but i WOULD marry adam sandler.
soooo then this morning i made buttermilk pancakes for breakfast... i made some with blueberries and some with chocolate chips... i liked the blueberry better. i usually prefer whole wheat pancakes but i picked up this mix on sale at trader joes:
and i'm sooo glad i did- it is AMAZING! the pancakes were HUGE and delicious paired up with my fave syrup:
(i like the chemical-ly taste of eggo... i don't know why heh)... i'm gonna have some extra blueberry ones for bfast tomorrow too... they are so thick they are like biscuit/pancakes YUMMM.........
anyways so then i just knit a little and hung out and relaxed.... i undid my lace on friday and started over in the avocado color which was a good choice because it's a lot brighter and i like it much better.
then this afternoon i met up with katie and cate and norah at this place at 11th and washington for thai food... i have never had thai food which sounds crazy i know, especially since i am going to thailand in less than two weeks (!!!!!) so i was very interested to try some and it was deeeeelish... now i can't wait to try authentic thai cuisine...
tonight i was feeling a little depressed for no real reason so i bought myself some flowers and that made me feel a little better :) i don't do that nearly enough. i got pink tulips and they brightened me right up.... next time i wanna get orange ones like the pic above....
anyways so that wraps up my weekend.... i think i wasted too much time watching movies hah... oh well, i will get another weekend in 5 days ;)

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