Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sweet Dreams

this weekend was nice and relaxing.....
friday i didn't do much. saturday i had a class for work in the morning and then i met up with sarah at the gym afterwards. then i went home and relaxed and did laundry/baked chocolate chip banana bread muffins.... YUM. then i met up with katie and steph around 5 and we went to an ice skating event at the rink on penn's campus. i didn't skate but i hung out in the pizza area, haha surprise, surprise, and socialized there. i knit a bunch and i got to spend some quality time with colleen who i miss a lot so that was good. then tonight i got dinner at beau monde with kelley, rachel and steph. i loooove that place but i ate WAY too much.... it's a creperie and we each got a savory crepe for dinner and then we split sweet crepes for dessert..... now i reaaaaaaaaally want to learn how to make crepes.... this recipe for the batter looks easy.... i think next weekend i'll try this but with strawberries and blueberries and vanilla ice cream instead of apples..... i don't have a crepe pan though... but it says you can use a teflon frying pan..... hmm.... ok i'm gonna go to bed and dream about sweet crepes.............
yum yummy yummmm!

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