Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Honeyyyyyy I'm hoooooomeeeeee

Oh my god.... china and thailand were unnnnnreal.... but i am still so overwhelmed that all i have unpacked is my carry-on and i can't even begin to blog about the trip yet because i'm still processing everything and frantically trying to readjust to normal life!
in the meantime.... i will post pics of the hats i knit on my bajillion hour plane ride (which ended up not being bad at all... i panicked for like 7 minutes when i got on the plane because i was seated in the middle of a 5 person row of the smallest seats i've ever seen in my life BUT THEN, as if sent from god himself, this man and woman came up to me and asked if i could take one of their seats so that they could sit together and i said of course and it turned out it was a window seat and the ride was perfect from then on hah).... This one is my fave.... it's hard to tell from the pic but it's an adorable little eyelet lace pattern. i actually made this one on the way home out of a yarn i bought in my father's village :) so it's a chinese hat oOoOoOo!

ok.... i am still working on putting my pics up on fb, but i will blog about the trip after that i swear..... it's so hard to write about traveling because it's so personal.... but i will figure it out :) i'm so glad to be home though... it's just hard to come off the high that comes from seeing so many new things all at once you know?

sigh.... i wish i could be a professional traveler, but bring my cats with me. and also my friends. and my bed. and my couch...... ok i'm happy to be home ;)


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