Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How I will Survive The Longest Flight of My Life

Flight Stuff
Soooooooo here is what will be in my travel bag if i ever decide to actually PACK! heheh this was much more fun than actually gathering all the stuff... i'll do that tomorrow.... i swear....
Yarn- as many projects as i can stuff in my bag... this will be the perfect opportunity to knit to my hearts contenttttt
DVDs- i bought the series "the wire" after watching the first season on hbo on demand.... it's sooo addicting.... i'm also bringing "500 days of summer" and "4 christmases" in case i get tired of the seriousness of the wire (doubtful hehe)
Books- my boss gave me "a reliable wife" to read a few weeks ago so i'm going to finish that and then hopefully finish "me talk pretty someday" which has been sitting on my nightstand for months... i'm also bringing my little knitting answer encyclopedia since i won't be able to consult youtube when i need knitting examples...
Headphones- i'm gonna buy some good comfy headphones tomorrow
Computer- for the dvds
Ipod- duh
Phone- for when i land :)... i will then turn off and pack my phone (ah!) and will be available via email only... facebook is blocked in china, but i will be updating my blog hopefully throughout the trip
Comfy Socks- my fave socks will make the me feel more at home :)
Pillow- i don't actually have this yet... i have been looking at various types of travel pillows though and i think i picked my winner... i'll buy it tomorrow
Water- of course
Passport- and photo ID but i refuse to post a pic of my license ha
Corn Puffs- these are my current obsession from trader joes.... mmmmm
Travel Guides- i am 99% sure i'm bringing these in my carry on, but depending on how this all looks when i try to shove everything in there i might just pack them....
Trail Mix- "meredith's mess" from nuts-to-you, mint meltaways, and dried fruit for snackies
so there you have it.... my recipe for a sane flight..... i'll let you know how it turns out though haha i'm sure there will be revisions for the trip back......
i'm really excited about the flight... initially it was the one thing keeping me from going (that's not true, i also get mad separation anxiety from my cats bahahha) but now that i have the wire i'm actually kind of excited.... plus i cannot waaaaait for the opportunity to knit undisturbed for hours on end.... i'm sure that after like 8 hours i'll be ready to sky dive right off the plane though..... oh well i'm glad i'm going into it with a positive attitude at least ha....
okee nighty night, blogger <3

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