Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thailand Too!

Soooooooo things are finally getting settled for this trip to China... i got my visa on Monday and then my father just sent me my flight plans today. i'm leaving a week from Saturday and staying for 2 weeks. we will visit his village for 2 days and then travel to beijing, shanghai, hong kong and..... thailand!!!! yay.... i'm so excited... i picked up this book at barnes and noble on my lunch break today.
here's a brief description my father found on bangkok....
"A large bustling noisy city, Bangkok does not appeal to everyone; however, there are some sites which truly should not be missed. The King's Palace is breathtakingly beautiful and a quintessential example of Thai architecture. Once known as the "Venice of the East," Bangkok still has many active waterways and an entertaining way to see the temples and life on the river is by hang yao (long tailed boat). Many day excursions can be taken to surrounding areas, such as the ancient ruins of Ayuthaya and the floating market of Ratchaburi Province. The city offers many world class hotels, a famous cuisine, and exceptional shopping for silks and precious stones, intricate carvings, and traditional Thai clothing."
well that sounds like heaven to me..... i LOVEEE shopping and "venice of the east" sounds sooooo amazing!!! i have been reading up on the floating river markets and cannot wait to get into a little gondola... or rather, a hang yao ;)
i'm not sure what to pack because the weather is going to be across the boards.... it's around 40 degrees in my father's village, but then 90 in the southern parts of china so i guess i'll bring lots of stuff to layer... i want to pack as little as possible since i think i'll want to bring TONS of stuff back..... i haven't been letting myself think about the trip too much, but now that i have my flight plans and am leaving in 10 days i think it's ok to get a little excited!
ok i'm gonna make a list of clothes to bring now i think and then do a little reading before bed....

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