Thursday, April 1, 2010


ok sooooo where to start, where to start..... well i flew into shanghai and my father picked me up at the airport. from there we drove 4 hours north to his village. the pic above is of street vendors in the downtown part of his village.... it was like going back in time hah the lifestyle was fascinating. from there we flew south to gangzhou and then to thailand for awhile. when we came back we went to beijing and then shanghai.... so that is where these pics are from.
the great wall of china!!!!!!
me at the great wall
hou hai was this section of beijing where they turned all these little hutongs (old fashioned alley-style housing) into restaurants and shops... this was probably my favorite part of the entire trip... there were tea shops and art shops and paper shops and jesus i could have spent forever exploring.... hou hai
the pearl market in beijing sold all sorts of jewelry and beads and then also electronics and counterfeit purses and clothing, etc... it was crazy but so fun
ok so a lot of the food there was not my cup of tea (ha) but i hadddd to take some pics.... these are scorpion and seahorse kabobs... they also had cockroach kabobs!!!! they also had little tiny baby chickens that you eat (well people eat... i did not eat...) whole, like eyeballs and bones and all.... it was insane.... i was just grateful that we didn't spend anytime with my father's business partners because if they had offered me duck brain or blood it would have been rude for me to decline hahah..... i was def having culture shock!
chopsticks at a roast duck restaurant we went to.... so pretty
tianamen square and the entrance to the forbidden palace
i love this picture i think the sky looks so good
me and papa in the forbidden palace
the architecture was sooo detailed....
the old town part of shanghai was my second favorite part of the trip... it also had lots of little shops as well as several temples and the yu gardens and huxinting tea house. all the buildings were lit up at night and it was just beautiful...
crafts at a flea market we went to
the yu gardens... pictures cannot do any justice to this place oooooo finally some flowers!!!!! i was missing the greenery of thailand at this point ;)
xintiandi square
alright that pretty much covers all my favorite pics.... if you want to see more you can hit up my facebook albums- there are tonnnns :)
sweet dreams, blogger...

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