Friday, April 2, 2010


This is a coaster from a german restaurant we ate at on my last day in China…. this trip really shook up my travel bug and made me think about my future.
I used to speak german when I was little. i actually didn't speak english until i was 4.... we lived in italy for a few years after i was born but my mother only taught me german hahah.... my parents/grandparents were big travelers so languages and locations are a little confusing to explain....
but anyways i spoke german until like 4th or 5th grade and then i lost it. i have always wanted to learn it again but it's sorta like an "i'll do it later" kind of thing.... i also have always wanted to live abroad and I was thinking that if i intend to learn german, then germany would be a good place to live hahaha.... and I decided over brunch with my father that it’s something I definitely want to do.
i'm really lucky to have had such supportive parents in terms of travel. my father grew up in italy and my mother grew up in venezuela and they both lived in various places throughout their lives and can each speak 5 or 6 languages. because of this, they have never laughed at my dreams of traveling or ever doubted that it's something i will do. i am much less daring than they are haha and the fathest i have lived from boston, where i grew up, so far is here in philadelphia, but when i told them i wanted to move here they got right on board. i had never been here, didn't know anything about the city or anyone who lived here and had no job, but they understood that i would work everything out. when other people looked at me like i was crazy i was able to feel confident because i knew my parents believed in me and i knew it was possible to live anywhere because they had done it.
i don't know where i want to settle down if i have a family, but i hope to live in both chicago and vermont at some point....
before then though, i want to travel... when i say i want to travel, i think of it differently than living abroad.... and i think i am slowly letting go of that dream, and instead combining it into the living abroad... i wanted to travel like through the peace corps or just backpacking for a few years, but that has begun to seem unfeasable to me for 2 reasons...
1) I can’t live without my cats (seriously!)
2) I can’t afford it
So I decided that living somewhere in europe would be good because then I could experience life abroad, and i could also still manage to travel often like on weekend trips since everything is so close and the countries are small over there…. Plus I could bring my cats with me and get a job that would fund all these little trips.... it seems like a win win situation to me!
it's exciting to think about.... when i decided to move to philadelphia it was a snap decision and i moved right away, but since a language is involved (and since i am thinking things through more thoroughly these days) i am comfortable waiting a few years... still, it's nice to finally feel like i have a plan laid out... then again, my life usually (always) goes according to god's plan for me, not mine, and god usually (always) laughs when i try to do my own planning.... so who knows when, or if any of this will happen "my" way :)
one way or another though, it's fun to daydream and i'm so excited to finally start learning german again....

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