Friday, April 23, 2010

Hats, hats, hats....

I know the knitting part of this blog has been kind of quiet recently.... I have been working on a few hats for friends, but mostly i have been using my free time to run.... i have the broad street run coming up next weekend so i have been scrambling to train for that... i'm gonna try to do 8 or 9 miles tomorrow and then just stick with 4 or 6 till next sunday.... i'm nervoussssss!
anywaysssssss about knitting....... i just finished the hat above which is wayyyy slouchier than i intended! i felt like bob marley hahahah so i made rachel wear it for a pic instead... it's a nice creamy tan color and loden green and i do like how it look- just note to self to make it a little smaller next time heh....
now i'm gonna start on matching wristlets.... oh and yes i do realize its' hot outside, but i want to knit all through the summer this year so i have christmas presents done for everyone in advance!

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