Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Nail Supply

everytime i get my nails done i'm tempted to try out new colors of nail polish even though rarely, raaaaaarely do i end up liking what i try... after yet another failed attempt at finding a new favorite i have decided to create a list of my standbys. these are colors i own and i guess the reason i always try new ones even though i usually hate them is because that's how i found most of these :)
i know this posting is super lame but i LOVE shit like this (lists + nailpolish = yay) and i'm going to print out this blog eventually and turn it into a scrapbook, so this will fit riiiiight in... i guess it's more of a "note-to-self" posting but oh well, i suppose 90% of this blog is just that anyway :)
Royal Rajah Ruby- OPI India Collection, Spring 2008
I would describe this as a deep burgundy with a micro-shimmer finish.... it's actually darker than the picture and the shimmer is almost metalic (not QUITE glittery). i like how it looks in the winter when women wear deep almost-black purples but purple doesn't look good on me so i prefer this almost-black red instead :) it's not quite glittery, but it's as close as i will get.
Here's To Us- OPI Soft Shades, Spring 2005
I would describe this as a pale champagne or almost peachy nude color with a milky cream finish... it took me forevvvvver to find a soft summer color that wasn't too white or too pink for my taste... this is my ideal mix. when i get too tan though it starts to look too white so i switch to a sally hanson shade which i don't know the name of :( but it's slightly pinker and a more sheer finish.
That's an "EL" of a Color- OPI Chicago Collection, Summer 2005
I loveeeeeee this color but sadly it is discontinued.... i would describe it as a deep warm red with an orangy bronze micro-shimmer finish. i LOVE this color it is my all time fave.... it just looks so rich and the red with the almost gold tones that run through it are perfect for my skin tone, especially when tan but really all year round. thankfully, i can still find it even though it was discontinued.
Redipus Oedipus- OPI Greek Isles Collection, Spring 2004
This was named the ideal summer color for toes in some magazine i read somewhere sometime hah.... i tried it out and i do love it, but i prefer to use a darker red and then use this over it because otherwise i have to do like 90384734 coats to build the color. Maybe that's just me though. I would describe this as an organgy red base with a pinkish shimmer finish. and it IS perfect for summer toes ;)
Revlon Liquid Quickdry- I have no idea what is in this but I use it as a topcoat… it really does speed up the drying, though it’s clearly not intended to be used as a topcoat as it leaves an almost oily finish. I love it though because I can just slap it on superfast and it doesn’t matter if it gets all over my cuticles because it rubs right off when it dries and it has the effect of a topcoat that’s good enough for me- it evens out any blemishes and leaves my nails smooth and glossy.
the only reason i bought this nail polish remover is because it's purple bahhahaha i thought it was the prettiest one.... but it DOES actually work better on hard-to-remove colors (like dark reds) than any other remover i've tried hah...
i love this stuff... it's softens your cuticles. i bought this one first and then i tried sephoras and i think they are about the same but this one smells kind of nice. plus it's pink.
i love this thing.... i never had one until college. my friend kelley's mom worked in a salon so kelley's nail bag was AWESOMEEEE.... i loved played with all her stuff and ended up buying my very own cuticle nipper after we graduated. i ended up picking this one because i thought it was pretty and i like the rubber handle thingies.
This thing is my secret weapon for French manicures… I CAN actually do a French manicure (which is a serious talent btw especially surprising since I shake like a maniac) but I haven’t done one myself since I discovered this thing… Doing it myself takes soooo long and I mess up at least 3 or 4 nails and have to re-do the lines so I was thrilled to find this little tool at sephora last year. The lines are smooth and it takes like a second to do it! I bought myself the sally Hansen one cause it’s way cheaper and then I use the sally Hansen pinky-nude shade over it and finish with the revlon liquid dry and ta-da!
i found this little device at sephora and i love it. it's for pushing back cuticles and half the time i use it i don't really need to hahha it's just addicting... you can find all sorts of variations but i like sephora's because it of the shape and also it's the sharpect i found.
alright so that is my nail stash.... i have tons of other colors i have gathered over the years but these are my old faithfuls :) i really want to find a nice shimmery pinkish peachy color.... that is the one i play around with at salons the most.....

ok, blogger, thanks for listening :)

oh also.....i LOVE this website.... it has almost all the OPI shades and i'm a mad OPI junkie so i always read up on here before i make my purchases:

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