Sunday, April 4, 2010

Welcome Back, Spring, I missed you!

Rittenhouse in Spring -Elaine Moynihan Lisle
Ahhhhhh i LOVE spring in philadelphia.... it is so refreshing! i spent pretty much all weekend relaxing in the park... i got out early for Good Friday and sam gave me a really nice flower.... well really it's more like a tree hahah i will post more about that later cause i wanna start a garden in my "patio" (more commonly known as the trash alley next to my apartment hah)...
sighhhhh spring fever is the BEST!

Magnolias!!!! i was so nervous they would bloom while i was in china but thank god i didn't miss them..... it's my favorite thing about spring but they only bloom for a few days and then the blossoms fall off and they are just green leaves i think.

(i didn't take this pic- click on it for the artist's page)

rachiepants knitting away

evvvveryone wanted a piece of the park this weekend!

the trees are so damn beautiful it's stunning :)
what a lovely weekend..... oh and happy easter by the way!!!!! i hope the bunny was good to you ;) i'm gonna nibble on some chocolate and call it a night....

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