Sunday, May 2, 2010

Broad Street Run

phewwwwwwww today was hard but amazing! i got up around 5ish and stretched and stuff and then took the subway to broad and olney where i met up with norah. it was HOTTT- like 95 degrees but i think that was actually really good for my muscles because i'm much less sore today than i expected to be. we had to wait forever to start because there were 30,000, yes 30,000 people there!!!!!! here was our view before starting...the run was amazing... the first 4 miles flew by and then the next 3 were rough and around the 7th mile i walked for a few minutes but i was wicked surprised i didn't need to walk more than that! the course was flat, almost downhill actually and they had so many volunteers handing out water and gatorade. they also opened a bunch of fire hydrants so you could get sprayed if you needed to cool off- i didn't like that though but norah said she went in them all heh. i was expecting to finish a little faster but i think the heat did take a little toll but im still really proud of my results!!!! i finished in 1:56 chip time :) aaaaaaaand of course, as usual, as soon as i quit bitching about one race i want to do more hahah..... i'm trying not to jump into any huge committments though after my anxiety last week over this run. maggie wants to do a half marathon may 29th but i think that's too much for me..... right now i really want to do it but that's just cause i'm still high on adrenaline from today hah... there's an 8 miler in june though and another 8 miler in september so i think i will stick with those but we'll see....... oh i'm really proud of myself for this! i'm gonna stretch some more and then pass out even though i've been snoozin since i got home anyways heheh....
me and norah waiting for the race to start
chaaa pretending to runnnnn......

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