Friday, May 28, 2010

Noro- you finally got me.

i haven't been able to stop thinking about that noro yarn since last weekend soooooo i went ahead and bought it..... i also got (i'm dangerousss) the noro yuzen in colorway #1 and the noro kureyon sock in colorway #255.... the colorway #255 is a magnificent array of browns, rubies and golds- it looks like a deep sunset and i cannot waaaaaaait to see how it knits up, but it will be something like the picture above. the yarn itself will look like the picture below:
the yuzen #1 is made up of greens (lime, moss, etc), grays, browns and blues:
i'm gonna use it to knit with other colors like the pictures below..... the cardigan is a bit ambitious but i'm hoping to start knitting garments sometime soooooon!
the kureyon sock #219 was the noro that originally caught my eye..... the yarn itself looked so amazing- i will put pics up of all three yarns as soon as they arrive oOoOoOo i cannot waiiiit!
i'd like to use this yarn to make something like the shawl below but a little bit more lacey..... i loveeeeeeee this!
i can't wait to get my yarnsssss! i am so excited.... i am most excited about the #255 even though it's not the first one i wanted haha.... i would also consider felting the #219 into a bag like this:
the colors would be different but i would like to incorporate a similar green into the pattern like this girl did..... you can click on any of the images above to be linked to their ravelry pages.
okkkkkkkkk off to play with the yarn i already have ;)

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