Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Roof With A View

so i discovered a few weeks ago that i have rooftop access.... it's not a roof deck, which makes me nervous that it's not built to hold human weight, but not nervous enough not to try it hahah...... so me and rachel snuck up there on sunday and sun bathed all afternoon.... it was heavenly and i def intend to utilize my little rooftop all summer long..... plus, check out the view!!!! it's the skyline!
this is the bellevue.... which sam helped renovate back in the day! our offices used to be over there when i first started working for him. in the picture below, the building all the way to the right is the medical tower building which is where our office is now :) it's the brown brick building, it's actually in both the picture below as well as the first pic....
and here is the lovely view from my chair :)
and this was the view peeking over the edge.... it's 19th and waverly....

ahhhhhhhhhhh life is good up on the roof........ i hope it's nice out this weekend so we can go back on up :)


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