Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tequila Sunrise Anklets

i'm finally working on the socks i've been dying to make for agesss.... i started these anklets on thursday and then i took private lesson at rosie's yesterday to learn how to do the heel... i'm so proud it looks really good! there are quite a few mistakes though and i'm afraid this ones gonna be too small but i'm gonna look into blocking and see if that might make it larger.... worst case scenario i can start it over but i'm just really excited for my first sock to be done!!!!
this morning norah and i went to lincoln field to pick up our race packets for tomorrow and then i just went and sat in the park with some friends for the whole rest of the day.... it was SO hot today but i kept my chair in the shade the whole time :) it was one of the best days ever- i love having no commitments and literally spending hours in the park...... life is good...... here's one more shot of my baby and then it's back to knitting for me.... gotta get to bed soon though because i have to be up super early tomorrow for the runnnnnnn!


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